Thursday, July 1, 2010


ticker kt seblah says 0 days till our wedding. weeeeee~
at this moment, im waiting for my makeup artist cum decorator to come over and do the flowers.
currently, got nothing to do...
but i haven't bathe, haven't wear my inai, haven't decorate my room...hahahaha

anyway, my word of wisdom (cewah!) for brides to be out there
  • Pls send and collect ur dress from the dry cleaners WELL AHEAD of ur day. 
    • Else u might end up like me. I happened to collect my dress today and found me beaded dress a crumple mess in the laundry basket at the dry cleaners and only to be told that they cant dry clean my dress for fear of the sequins melting. 
  • Pls don't depend on emails for your transactions with ur vendors
    • i ordered my flowers from the internet. my working schedules only allow me to email my vendors and do internet banking at 11pm. no problems there, but i just feels like may be the service i would receive if we actually talked on the phone would be warmer than just exchanging emails
allright, gotta run to do my inai.
wish me all the best for my wedding and an eternal of bliss and happiness ^^