Tuesday, April 6, 2010

wedding card

In keeping with our wedding theme, i want our invitation card to be pretty AND cheap. Alhamdulillah, I came to know them through a friend of friend. After careful browsing of their web catalog, I finally decided on a card, and proceeded to make an online order. Though the card is perfect, the courier charges is not so. Therefore, we decided to do a walk-in order since the shop is not that far anyway.

We went to the shop, i would rate the sales assistant to be below average (maybe she rather serve online customer than in person) Apparently, there is a small difference in price between online and walk in order. Online order cards are cheaper because the customer pays more for the courier and service charges unlike walk in customer. But I guess, ultimately you'll pay similar prices either way.

Anyway, the card we finally ordered is not the one i set my heart on the first place ( i highly recommend you to see the card in person ) and the price is a lil bit higher but still well below our budget so it was all okay.

Currently, I haven't confirm the artwork for printing due to some minor mistakes. But they are prompt in correcting and replying my emails so I hope the cards will start printing next week. Aminnn..


  1. i have yet to go any kedai kad kahwin. hm, so, did u go yang dekat kajang tu? hm, hows ur prep so far dear?

  2. It is really hard to find a reliable maker of wedding cards today. But I hope yours will look great.

  3. bitsANDpieces: i did went last few weeks. already confirmed the artwork.hopefully it's in printing now. :)

    Anon: i totally agree.lets pray mine will be allright. aminnn ^^

  4. hi dear....good luck on ur preparation k!!