Tuesday, April 6, 2010

kursus kahwin

In Seremban, i only know of one place where they conduct kursus kahwin. Apparently, there's another one or at least, used to be another place in Ampangan. But I highly doubt it , because this place I went to, was packed with ppl from all over Negri and some from Malacca.

The fee is RM80 per person. 2 days course (8am-5pm) with breakfast and lunch.
The pros: super near to my house (5 min drive)
The cons: super bland food. too many participants (110 participants during our course)

I came to know that sijil kursus kahwin has become quite a big deal nowadays. I heard people had been counterfeiting the certs, so keep yours carefully.

I also heard that they are planning to extend the course up to 1 week with Qiam and all since early last year. But so far, none of the states have implemented it. Anyway, speakers at our course did mention the same thing, saying it'll be set into motion soon. We'll see ^^

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