Saturday, February 13, 2010

hello again ^^

Finally got my 1st pay. Yeay!
Current plan is to settle 70% of wedding stuff by end of march. And leave the 30% balance for ibu to pening2 over. Hohoho...
Allright, time to go over my worksheet and decide which are the 70% stuff  ^^

p/s: wishing all brides-to-be smooth planning for your big day!


  1. hye!

    i bloghopping sekali terjumpa blog u. i pun org seremban jugak, tp tak survey lg bridal dkt seremban. mostly takde website kan?

    i follow n link ur blog ye? kalau ade pape info psl bridal gallery kat seremban, please share eh. tq! ;)

  2. ::hope so..btw ur blog so nice..ixchange link ya..::