Thursday, July 1, 2010


ticker kt seblah says 0 days till our wedding. weeeeee~
at this moment, im waiting for my makeup artist cum decorator to come over and do the flowers.
currently, got nothing to do...
but i haven't bathe, haven't wear my inai, haven't decorate my room...hahahaha

anyway, my word of wisdom (cewah!) for brides to be out there
  • Pls send and collect ur dress from the dry cleaners WELL AHEAD of ur day. 
    • Else u might end up like me. I happened to collect my dress today and found me beaded dress a crumple mess in the laundry basket at the dry cleaners and only to be told that they cant dry clean my dress for fear of the sequins melting. 
  • Pls don't depend on emails for your transactions with ur vendors
    • i ordered my flowers from the internet. my working schedules only allow me to email my vendors and do internet banking at 11pm. no problems there, but i just feels like may be the service i would receive if we actually talked on the phone would be warmer than just exchanging emails
allright, gotta run to do my inai.
wish me all the best for my wedding and an eternal of bliss and happiness ^^


      Tuesday, April 6, 2010

      wedding card

      In keeping with our wedding theme, i want our invitation card to be pretty AND cheap. Alhamdulillah, I came to know them through a friend of friend. After careful browsing of their web catalog, I finally decided on a card, and proceeded to make an online order. Though the card is perfect, the courier charges is not so. Therefore, we decided to do a walk-in order since the shop is not that far anyway.

      We went to the shop, i would rate the sales assistant to be below average (maybe she rather serve online customer than in person) Apparently, there is a small difference in price between online and walk in order. Online order cards are cheaper because the customer pays more for the courier and service charges unlike walk in customer. But I guess, ultimately you'll pay similar prices either way.

      Anyway, the card we finally ordered is not the one i set my heart on the first place ( i highly recommend you to see the card in person ) and the price is a lil bit higher but still well below our budget so it was all okay.

      Currently, I haven't confirm the artwork for printing due to some minor mistakes. But they are prompt in correcting and replying my emails so I hope the cards will start printing next week. Aminnn..

      nilai 3 visit

      It was 2 years since my last visit to Nilai 3. I see more shops. It was an impromptu visit. I have nothing to buy in mind actually, just wanted to look look and see see. I only went to 5 or 6 shops.
      My take on Nilai 3:
      • Rows of shops selling mostly redundant things
      • Rude, unhelpful sales assistants who expects you to spend a lifetime saving on a wedding
      • pathetic excuse of a 'surau' 
      Of course, this is only my personal observation based on the short time i spent there. I sincerely wish others a pleasant visit :)

      kursus kahwin

      In Seremban, i only know of one place where they conduct kursus kahwin. Apparently, there's another one or at least, used to be another place in Ampangan. But I highly doubt it , because this place I went to, was packed with ppl from all over Negri and some from Malacca.

      The fee is RM80 per person. 2 days course (8am-5pm) with breakfast and lunch.
      The pros: super near to my house (5 min drive)
      The cons: super bland food. too many participants (110 participants during our course)

      I came to know that sijil kursus kahwin has become quite a big deal nowadays. I heard people had been counterfeiting the certs, so keep yours carefully.

      I also heard that they are planning to extend the course up to 1 week with Qiam and all since early last year. But so far, none of the states have implemented it. Anyway, speakers at our course did mention the same thing, saying it'll be set into motion soon. We'll see ^^

      Saturday, February 13, 2010

      hello again ^^

      Finally got my 1st pay. Yeay!
      Current plan is to settle 70% of wedding stuff by end of march. And leave the 30% balance for ibu to pening2 over. Hohoho...
      Allright, time to go over my worksheet and decide which are the 70% stuff  ^^

      p/s: wishing all brides-to-be smooth planning for your big day!