Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding Photo

I don't know much about photography, so I'm pretty sure what is a pretty photo to me is pretty much pretty to 70% of people out there. ^^
My friend recommend me this guy. He took my friend's friend wedding photo. So I contacted him and we met and here is my take:
  • His photos are more than just pretty
  • He is pleasant to deal with
  • His wedding package is reasonable to begin with, which is further still negotiable
I would have just engage him, but we got dare I say, a dirt cheap price from a friend of mr.k

p/s: if by any chance you are reading this Bak...'I'm sorry you met such a cheapskate person such as myself, ^^ all the best!'


  1. lawanyer... serious sgt gorgeous...

    hehehe.. sorry x bg salam x ape.. terus men terjah jer. first time bg comment dkt ur blog.. all this while silent jer.

    nk mintak url this photographer boleyh x? lawa sgt2 laa...


  2. faratul : azyan? hehe sy pn x kenal pengantin di atas..amek dr blog photographer ni je ^^ harap2 die x marah sy amek gamba die...

    nurdiana : hehe... no problem ^^

  3. tak..tak..
    i tak marah. hehehe...
    seriously babe... he's recomended.
    sangat senang berkerja dengan bak+he is soooo creative and sabar. ;)

    but the choice is yours.hati kawan nak kn jaga jugak. by the way, all the best ya...

  4. hehe...terima kasih puan azian ^^
    cantik ur wedding photo!