Monday, December 7, 2009

Wedding Boutique

I am generally not someone yang easily make decision. I would survey the options available,weigh out the pros and cons before deciding. And I thought I'd be even more careful for my wedding, some more since I have the time.
My plan was to go to each wedding boutique kt Senawang tu, ask for quotation, see their products, ask for reference..siap berangan nak put up post about this hehehe..
But due to circumstances and turn of events that day, we've already booked Azue Bridal. Jangan kata mr.K, me myself was surprised lagi dumbfounded with my decision kekeke...Considering all that is to be considered, I believe that memang dah jodoh kami dengan Azue ^^

So here are the pros and cons for Azue Bridal ( dari kaca mata saya,tak berniat nak menyinggung sesiapa )

  • I got promotional price yang 5 months ago
  • I have confidence in their dresses design ( but I don't know if they'll fit us properly since we wont be taking the make-up artist )
  • mr.K family engaged them before ( 4 years ago la )
  • I don't like our package's Dais.AT ALL ( I know I could arrange it to be prettier, but I'm worried it won't turn out as I want it to be)
  • Make-up is horrible ( from the albums )
If anyone reading this have engaged them before, do let me know your feedback ya. Thanx!


  1. my sis took azue for her baju...alhamdulillah it turned out well...she rented one brown kebaya songket and jahit a brand new purple lace baju....i loved the purple lace baju..

    she only did baju there..dais, makeup all we took our own..

  2. alhamdulillah some good news ^^
    tu la, baju azue bnyk featured dlm mjlh pengantin kn? At least i know there wont be any horror stories where they didn't alter the baju!

  3. dear, y dont for dais u survey kat tempat lain.. make up pon try la survey tempat lain. hihi..

  4. hehe..
    tu la, sbnrnye i ingat big boutique mcm azue mesti la ikot trend semasa kn? maybe gmbr dlm album tu dorg x update ke...huhu...(sangka baek la kunun!;p )
    make up memang nak outsource elsewhere ^^

  5. erm, azue tuh quite well known jgk.. dalam mag adv memanjang... huhu.

  6. alamak! rabu ingat nak usha azue jgak... mcm kna fikir beberapa kali je ni... bkan ape... susah ler nak cari bridal butik yg btul2 memuaskan area N9... erm...

  7. i baru teringat nk survey kat azue....huhu...

  8. my FSIL amik azue bridal for her engagement make up.. sgt chantek..! kata dia, nama MUA tu nana..