Monday, December 14, 2009

If you don't ask, you wont get

Wedding vendors in Seremban, tak ramai yang internet savvy. Not to say I'm the savviest person in Seremban, but I love checking out products on the web, e-mailing or texting  for quotation and seal the deal just like that. More convenient, I feel. That is why, I keep on falling for KL vendors with blogs or websites ( along with KL price T.T )

'Macam la Seremban tak de (insert wedding@ bridal-anything here)' kate mr.K

So anyway, for example I ask around for make-up artist (from KL mostly via the web) which I thought I could afford btw.
For 3 events + travel,etc they quote me between rm1-2k. When I got the 1k deal, I was already jumping around, but mr.K was not impressed. So I canceled the deal and got rm800 for 4 events deal instead. By going in and out of countless boutique in Seremban of course.



  1. yup..d MUA overall will charge u definitely 800-1k per session. but if u got an amateur and they do a good job..why not??hehe..wish u luck dear..

  2. i feel u..! i work in KL but my hometown is in susah nak carik vendors (i.e finding MUA for my recent engagement)yg kita tahu (secara online) can perform well and affordable..then u hv to dig things by urself..naik keta pusing2 bandar..waste of time n fuel kene berserah je so that things go well..hoho..oh i'm adda btw..b2b..hai! :)