Saturday, December 26, 2009

I wish you love

I will be embarking on my new life in few hours. The career type one. Good bye sleeping-in days. Good bye blog-stalking. Good bye fellow blogger brides. But I pray this will not be the end of pineappletart76. muahahahaha

I pray to continue this sooner or later. (might be sooner than I thought though ;p)

With that, I leave you gals with this.

The hit counter really does motivate me to keep on blogging. Thank you ^^

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding Photo

I don't know much about photography, so I'm pretty sure what is a pretty photo to me is pretty much pretty to 70% of people out there. ^^
My friend recommend me this guy. He took my friend's friend wedding photo. So I contacted him and we met and here is my take:
  • His photos are more than just pretty
  • He is pleasant to deal with
  • His wedding package is reasonable to begin with, which is further still negotiable
I would have just engage him, but we got dare I say, a dirt cheap price from a friend of mr.k

p/s: if by any chance you are reading this Bak...'I'm sorry you met such a cheapskate person such as myself, ^^ all the best!'

Monday, December 14, 2009

If you don't ask, you wont get

Wedding vendors in Seremban, tak ramai yang internet savvy. Not to say I'm the savviest person in Seremban, but I love checking out products on the web, e-mailing or texting  for quotation and seal the deal just like that. More convenient, I feel. That is why, I keep on falling for KL vendors with blogs or websites ( along with KL price T.T )

'Macam la Seremban tak de (insert wedding@ bridal-anything here)' kate mr.K

So anyway, for example I ask around for make-up artist (from KL mostly via the web) which I thought I could afford btw.
For 3 events + travel,etc they quote me between rm1-2k. When I got the 1k deal, I was already jumping around, but mr.K was not impressed. So I canceled the deal and got rm800 for 4 events deal instead. By going in and out of countless boutique in Seremban of course.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Wedding Boutique

I am generally not someone yang easily make decision. I would survey the options available,weigh out the pros and cons before deciding. And I thought I'd be even more careful for my wedding, some more since I have the time.
My plan was to go to each wedding boutique kt Senawang tu, ask for quotation, see their products, ask for reference..siap berangan nak put up post about this hehehe..
But due to circumstances and turn of events that day, we've already booked Azue Bridal. Jangan kata mr.K, me myself was surprised lagi dumbfounded with my decision kekeke...Considering all that is to be considered, I believe that memang dah jodoh kami dengan Azue ^^

So here are the pros and cons for Azue Bridal ( dari kaca mata saya,tak berniat nak menyinggung sesiapa )

  • I got promotional price yang 5 months ago
  • I have confidence in their dresses design ( but I don't know if they'll fit us properly since we wont be taking the make-up artist )
  • mr.K family engaged them before ( 4 years ago la )
  • I don't like our package's Dais.AT ALL ( I know I could arrange it to be prettier, but I'm worried it won't turn out as I want it to be)
  • Make-up is horrible ( from the albums )
If anyone reading this have engaged them before, do let me know your feedback ya. Thanx!