Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding Song

Since mine is the first wedding in the family (me being eldest and all) it is understandable that ibu would want everything and more for it.

Initially, I wanted a very simple kenduri. Just nikah and small jamuan after that. Strike off the hantarans, bilik pengantin, pelamin...So you can imagine the magnitude of our conflict that time. Tapi, not too long after blog-stalking, google-ing and buying magazines...I convinced myself that I need all those, plus additional other 'optional' stuff.

So, since I've become more and more bride-zilla-esque by the second..I decided that we need music during the Walimah.
What I wanted are the PA system nanti to play only my selected songs and the emcee to announce only what I drafted ( tiru xora's ;p ). Decibel level pun tak mau tinggi sangat (our home right next to masjid) cukupla sekadar background music di kala tiba-tiba guest ter-awkward with each other.

To my surprise (or rather, frustration) ibu already booked caklempong for Walimah. It's not that I have anything against caklempong...tapi, caklempong means extra avoidable cost. Cost upah, cost khemah untuk caklempong....Rasenye, PA system dah cukup. sigh

Anyway, the point is. Is there any point at all for me picking wedding songs when there's caklempong already??


  1. uhh..sgt suke dgr much they charge u?bdk2 skolah ye..

  2. they charge details i tatau pulak, mcm how long they'll play and how many are there in the group. ibu booked from her office,so i x rase dorg tu school kids ^^

  3. ops..sori..ingtkan yg dlm pic tu org2nye..300 is quite cheap rite?my cousin's wed in 2007 got them for 1k!tp xtau which group..but mmg dr srmban..n sy sgt puas hati..siap ada tarian or silat piring kot.yg letak cincin atas piring..nak kate silat pon xleh sbb dia kind of menari sometimes..hehe

  4. waaahh..mahalnyee..hehe, i knows zilch pasal bende2 ni, so x pandai menilai kot..