Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wedding Favors

Image from here:,1079158870,Gift-Paper-BagsKraft-Paper-BagsShopping-Paper-Bag.html

Me and Ibu was in Seremban town around 9-ish pm and we noticed Comfort still open. Comfort ni is a store selling interior decoration stuff, wallpaper, carpets and the likes. We decided to stop by and found this. Perfect untuk isi 2 ekor ikan dalamnya! ^^ Since we like it so much, we asked the owner how much it'll be if we buy in bulk. ( I don't remember the selling price ) The owner is willing to give the bag for RM1.25 each. Ibu immediately put down the deposit. We only ordered for half the total amount we need. So I am still looking for suitable alternative bag untuk 2 ekor ikan. yeay! more wedding-hunting ^^

p/s: I wish to DIY stickers for the bags..please do help =)
I know nothing about it..or is it more worthwhile to just outsource??

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