Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Theme Color

Nikah theme color: Mint green.
No special preferance, encik K wants it so. Because I asked him of course. hehehe... Sebenarnye macam ni, I wanted to wear white for my walimah, so tak kan la nk pakai white mase nikah jugak. encik K reply in a split second. Alangkah senangnya kalau sume decision bole wat macam ni.sigh. And sume orang macam saya yang easily goes along with the decision made.double sigh.

Image from: http://www.burgoynes-marquees.co.uk/marquee-linings

Walimah theme color: Dove gray and Cotton candy pink
Choosing gray as a wedding color prove to be a difficult one for me to accomplish. Though my mom once told me that she won't control my decision in regard of the wedding, she blatantly said 'buruk la long' when I show her my chosen theme color. In my mind at that time was, 'is this our first disagreement over my wedding?. yeay! I really.am.finally.getting married!'. While keep on insisting 'tak.tak.tak.tak....' Well, ibu kind of mellow a bit now. We'll just see how it played out ultimately. After all, I AM the ratu sehari.kekeke...

Image from: http://weddingdressesgowns.blogspot.com/2009/02/sweet-pink-grey-strapless-bridal-dress.html


  1. Gray+candypink is nice..
    gray+minty green will be awesomeeee..or i think its close to tiffany blue

  2. thank you diah! ^^
    i thought so too, hehehe