Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photobook Malaysia

I first heard of photobook malaysia from 4weddingku blog . Alhamdulillah, I found them during their promotion.*grin*.
Without further due, I downloaded the software and stayed up 1 whole night to put together my photobook and ordered it the morning itself.
And then begins my looooooooong wait (I'm so paranoid, I checked my order status qid daily.hahaha..) of exactly 7 days for the photobook to arrive.

And the result is pretty good, if I say so myself ^^


  • I chose the cheapest album (small landscape soft cover 8x6)
  • The pictures are from our engagement
  • Taken with my 5 year old Canon Power Shoot A400
  • Pictures are edited with Microsoft Office Picture Manager je
  • The pictures are limited, some more after eliminating blurry and cross-eyed pictures kekeke
  • But the software is really novice-friendly, so its not too hard to fill in the 40 pages
  • I truly admire people who edited and put together gorgeous custom albums after trying it myself ( I used to think it's a piece of cake ^^ )
  • Finally, the paper is shiny, thick enough for me, pictures are sharp (as far as the original picture quality itself ) It is exactly how I thought it would be. =)

p/s: They've extended their promotion until 30th november 2009!


  1. hi there..trays yg cam awk nak tu my mum ada bought for me..rasenye lbeh kurg week nk g lg ni..tlg tgk tuk xora skali..

  2. hello fara ^^ ooooh, syoknye p langkawi! how much e those trays? i ingatkn nk minta adik i blikan, tp klu ade better option bole la consider kn?? tolong tgkn utk i sekali ye fara..thanks!

  3. majlis nye lame dah...dah 6 bulan, br nk wat album ^^