Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kueh Bahulu

For our wedding, there's a number of things that we've always wanted and set our hearts on. One of them is Kueh Bahulu as door gift. Me and my family are a big fan of Kueh Bahulu in the first place, so when ibu had a delicious Kueh Bahulu in her friend's majlis, the fate of our door gift is sealed.kekeke...

Today we went to Kg Kendong Rembau to check out the said Kueh Bahulu. Puan Roha ( Pengerusi Persatuan) suggested 2 ekor ikan as our wedding favours. They are also way below our estimated budget (RM 0.80 per pair of ikan ) So I am beyond thrill! They mix telur itik in the Kueh Bahulu. That's why it's yummy! Just like how arwah nenek used to bake it *grin*

Image for illustration purposes only =) from here:


  1. hi..bole x share katne tempt kueh bahulu no if possible..n dorang ade provide kueh bahulu mcm2 perisa x..hee

  2. bole, ape salahnye ^^
    Pn Roha (Pengerusi persatuan) 06.4381405
    dia pesan call mlm lpas 9pm
    sy x pasti la dorg ade wat mcm2 perisa ke x..
    hope that helps!

  3. i order bahulu ikan for less than 30cent each..siap packaging (dlm plastic transperent je la)..

  4. wah, murah tu iryani..kt mane u order? bole share?

  5. i order kat kampung i kat tapah perak..bahulu ikan saiz kecik..saiz dlm2.5-3 inch kot..bukan yg besar gedabak tu ye..hehhehe..i pun order utk my wedding..

  6. hi,
    juz nk syer about bahulu tu
    i de survey kt bahulu warisan
    kalo amik 1,000 pcs depa kasi rm240 siap packaging skali
    kalo bahulu cermai murah ckit
    byk depa nye booth..kt seremban ni de kt giant senawang ngn jj

  7. hai floral,
    famly kitorg mmg suke bahulu warisan tu,slalu bli kt giant hoho..
    tp tatau pulak dorg amek order besar2
    thanks for info! ^^

  8. its ok
    kalu amik lgi byk mayb bley kautim murah lagik kot..hehe

  9. salam,

    berminat dgn bahulu warisan....1000pcs rm240 siap packaging??? ada contact no?? pls reply asap :o) nak wat kenduri awal april!