Tuesday, November 17, 2009


For those who favors platinum and diamonds, gold price may not matter much to them. But for old- fashion girl like me, the current sky-rocketing price of gold induces all sorts of headaches and spasms to mr.K...kekeke

What I learned so far:
  • The best time to buy gold, regardless of your wedding date, is now. The price is only going up. (Not that it cant go down, but I've never seen it) So if you have enough money, go buy it now, so that for the same price, you get more gms of gold than say, next week?
  • Know which retailers gives most value for your money. For me, Habib Jewels gives out the best deal. Every month or so there's nationwide sale, check out their website. Annivesary sale la, renovation sale la, school holiday sale la...But try to buy from their HQ to score better deals because franchise stores (ie Shah Alam) has different calculations. Other useful website to stalk: offerstation.com.my
  • Habib Jewel Exhibition Team. This team travel to different states and the store they drop by follow their promotions. Such as 50% off, less RM6 from current gold price...I heard currently they are going to Penang, then JB. Look up HJ exhibition in offer station to see if it's coming near you.