Saturday, December 26, 2009

I wish you love

I will be embarking on my new life in few hours. The career type one. Good bye sleeping-in days. Good bye blog-stalking. Good bye fellow blogger brides. But I pray this will not be the end of pineappletart76. muahahahaha

I pray to continue this sooner or later. (might be sooner than I thought though ;p)

With that, I leave you gals with this.

The hit counter really does motivate me to keep on blogging. Thank you ^^

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding Photo

I don't know much about photography, so I'm pretty sure what is a pretty photo to me is pretty much pretty to 70% of people out there. ^^
My friend recommend me this guy. He took my friend's friend wedding photo. So I contacted him and we met and here is my take:
  • His photos are more than just pretty
  • He is pleasant to deal with
  • His wedding package is reasonable to begin with, which is further still negotiable
I would have just engage him, but we got dare I say, a dirt cheap price from a friend of mr.k

p/s: if by any chance you are reading this Bak...'I'm sorry you met such a cheapskate person such as myself, ^^ all the best!'

Monday, December 14, 2009

If you don't ask, you wont get

Wedding vendors in Seremban, tak ramai yang internet savvy. Not to say I'm the savviest person in Seremban, but I love checking out products on the web, e-mailing or texting  for quotation and seal the deal just like that. More convenient, I feel. That is why, I keep on falling for KL vendors with blogs or websites ( along with KL price T.T )

'Macam la Seremban tak de (insert wedding@ bridal-anything here)' kate mr.K

So anyway, for example I ask around for make-up artist (from KL mostly via the web) which I thought I could afford btw.
For 3 events + travel,etc they quote me between rm1-2k. When I got the 1k deal, I was already jumping around, but mr.K was not impressed. So I canceled the deal and got rm800 for 4 events deal instead. By going in and out of countless boutique in Seremban of course.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Wedding Boutique

I am generally not someone yang easily make decision. I would survey the options available,weigh out the pros and cons before deciding. And I thought I'd be even more careful for my wedding, some more since I have the time.
My plan was to go to each wedding boutique kt Senawang tu, ask for quotation, see their products, ask for reference..siap berangan nak put up post about this hehehe..
But due to circumstances and turn of events that day, we've already booked Azue Bridal. Jangan kata mr.K, me myself was surprised lagi dumbfounded with my decision kekeke...Considering all that is to be considered, I believe that memang dah jodoh kami dengan Azue ^^

So here are the pros and cons for Azue Bridal ( dari kaca mata saya,tak berniat nak menyinggung sesiapa )

  • I got promotional price yang 5 months ago
  • I have confidence in their dresses design ( but I don't know if they'll fit us properly since we wont be taking the make-up artist )
  • mr.K family engaged them before ( 4 years ago la )
  • I don't like our package's Dais.AT ALL ( I know I could arrange it to be prettier, but I'm worried it won't turn out as I want it to be)
  • Make-up is horrible ( from the albums )
If anyone reading this have engaged them before, do let me know your feedback ya. Thanx!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


And I thought starting planning early is good. But now, rase macam nak lari jaoh-jaoh...=(
why la everything is so expensive? And I'm not looking for a grand wedding pun. Is it too much to have a beautiful wedding? Am I too picky and keep on choosing the higher ends of everything??

I don't want a wedding that I cannot afford...but ibu and sister did say my taste is expensive...or at least, more than I care to admit kot...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Most Memorable

Bukan post perfume ;p

What do you remember long after a wedding? The Bride's dress? The Dais? Wedding Favors? Food? I've been to quite a few weddings, the one thing that remains in my memory is the glow in the newlyweds faces. Pure happiness and contentment. I wish for that the most ^^ Amin...

Wedding Shoes

Because my shoe size is 4, rental shoes from the wedding boutiques just won't do. They generally have size 6 or 7. And because made-to-order dress and matching shoes is out of the question (or rather, budget actually kekeke) my mission is to buy 1 pair of wedding shoe to match my nikah, walimah and bertandang dresses. Preferably, a pair of shoe that I will love to wear for long after the wedding.

Found this helpful guide by Syaiful Baharim. And these shoes. ^^

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photobook Malaysia

I first heard of photobook malaysia from 4weddingku blog . Alhamdulillah, I found them during their promotion.*grin*.
Without further due, I downloaded the software and stayed up 1 whole night to put together my photobook and ordered it the morning itself.
And then begins my looooooooong wait (I'm so paranoid, I checked my order status qid daily.hahaha..) of exactly 7 days for the photobook to arrive.

And the result is pretty good, if I say so myself ^^


  • I chose the cheapest album (small landscape soft cover 8x6)
  • The pictures are from our engagement
  • Taken with my 5 year old Canon Power Shoot A400
  • Pictures are edited with Microsoft Office Picture Manager je
  • The pictures are limited, some more after eliminating blurry and cross-eyed pictures kekeke
  • But the software is really novice-friendly, so its not too hard to fill in the 40 pages
  • I truly admire people who edited and put together gorgeous custom albums after trying it myself ( I used to think it's a piece of cake ^^ )
  • Finally, the paper is shiny, thick enough for me, pictures are sharp (as far as the original picture quality itself ) It is exactly how I thought it would be. =)

p/s: They've extended their promotion until 30th november 2009!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


For those who favors platinum and diamonds, gold price may not matter much to them. But for old- fashion girl like me, the current sky-rocketing price of gold induces all sorts of headaches and spasms to mr.K...kekeke

What I learned so far:
  • The best time to buy gold, regardless of your wedding date, is now. The price is only going up. (Not that it cant go down, but I've never seen it) So if you have enough money, go buy it now, so that for the same price, you get more gms of gold than say, next week?
  • Know which retailers gives most value for your money. For me, Habib Jewels gives out the best deal. Every month or so there's nationwide sale, check out their website. Annivesary sale la, renovation sale la, school holiday sale la...But try to buy from their HQ to score better deals because franchise stores (ie Shah Alam) has different calculations. Other useful website to stalk:
  • Habib Jewel Exhibition Team. This team travel to different states and the store they drop by follow their promotions. Such as 50% off, less RM6 from current gold price...I heard currently they are going to Penang, then JB. Look up HJ exhibition in offer station to see if it's coming near you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Favours Rombongan

Found these at Comfort. The label says Scented Pomander. Mark & Spencer's. I was very excited, thinking it's perfect for in-law's favours..until I see the price tag. RM25.50 each =(
Da penat google pn tak jumpa jugak...
Terpaksa lah let go and cari alternative lain =(

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding Song

Since mine is the first wedding in the family (me being eldest and all) it is understandable that ibu would want everything and more for it.

Initially, I wanted a very simple kenduri. Just nikah and small jamuan after that. Strike off the hantarans, bilik pengantin, pelamin...So you can imagine the magnitude of our conflict that time. Tapi, not too long after blog-stalking, google-ing and buying magazines...I convinced myself that I need all those, plus additional other 'optional' stuff.

So, since I've become more and more bride-zilla-esque by the second..I decided that we need music during the Walimah.
What I wanted are the PA system nanti to play only my selected songs and the emcee to announce only what I drafted ( tiru xora's ;p ). Decibel level pun tak mau tinggi sangat (our home right next to masjid) cukupla sekadar background music di kala tiba-tiba guest ter-awkward with each other.

To my surprise (or rather, frustration) ibu already booked caklempong for Walimah. It's not that I have anything against caklempong...tapi, caklempong means extra avoidable cost. Cost upah, cost khemah untuk caklempong....Rasenye, PA system dah cukup. sigh

Anyway, the point is. Is there any point at all for me picking wedding songs when there's caklempong already??

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wedding Favors

Image from here:,1079158870,Gift-Paper-BagsKraft-Paper-BagsShopping-Paper-Bag.html

Me and Ibu was in Seremban town around 9-ish pm and we noticed Comfort still open. Comfort ni is a store selling interior decoration stuff, wallpaper, carpets and the likes. We decided to stop by and found this. Perfect untuk isi 2 ekor ikan dalamnya! ^^ Since we like it so much, we asked the owner how much it'll be if we buy in bulk. ( I don't remember the selling price ) The owner is willing to give the bag for RM1.25 each. Ibu immediately put down the deposit. We only ordered for half the total amount we need. So I am still looking for suitable alternative bag untuk 2 ekor ikan. yeay! more wedding-hunting ^^

p/s: I wish to DIY stickers for the bags..please do help =)
I know nothing about it..or is it more worthwhile to just outsource??

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kueh Bahulu

For our wedding, there's a number of things that we've always wanted and set our hearts on. One of them is Kueh Bahulu as door gift. Me and my family are a big fan of Kueh Bahulu in the first place, so when ibu had a delicious Kueh Bahulu in her friend's majlis, the fate of our door gift is sealed.kekeke...

Today we went to Kg Kendong Rembau to check out the said Kueh Bahulu. Puan Roha ( Pengerusi Persatuan) suggested 2 ekor ikan as our wedding favours. They are also way below our estimated budget (RM 0.80 per pair of ikan ) So I am beyond thrill! They mix telur itik in the Kueh Bahulu. That's why it's yummy! Just like how arwah nenek used to bake it *grin*

Image for illustration purposes only =) from here:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Theme Color

Nikah theme color: Mint green.
No special preferance, encik K wants it so. Because I asked him of course. hehehe... Sebenarnye macam ni, I wanted to wear white for my walimah, so tak kan la nk pakai white mase nikah jugak. encik K reply in a split second. Alangkah senangnya kalau sume decision bole wat macam ni.sigh. And sume orang macam saya yang easily goes along with the decision made.double sigh.

Image from:

Walimah theme color: Dove gray and Cotton candy pink
Choosing gray as a wedding color prove to be a difficult one for me to accomplish. Though my mom once told me that she won't control my decision in regard of the wedding, she blatantly said 'buruk la long' when I show her my chosen theme color. In my mind at that time was, 'is this our first disagreement over my wedding?. yeay! I married!'. While keep on insisting 'tak.tak.tak.tak....' Well, ibu kind of mellow a bit now. We'll just see how it played out ultimately. After all, I AM the ratu sehari.kekeke...

Image from:

Hello! ^^

After much blog-stalking, I finally set up my own blog to document my wedding planning. Though I am not sure how long this will last,I am going to plunge in head first!

Image from here: